"Boudoir" is the French word for a lady's private chambers. Boudoir fashion, then, consists of lingerie-inspired pieces that are wearable outside the bedroom. Boudoir is one of my favorite styles to wear--it's sultry, simple, and irresistably sexy. Here, I pay homage to the slip: a piece meant to be worn underneath dresses, and daringly brazen when worn on its own. This particular piece is in nude, the iconic slip shade, and has adjustable straps and a skirt that kicks out a little.   Styled by: Eugenie Grey / Feral Creature
Model: Eugenie Grey / Feral Creature
Photos by: Jeff Fernandez

Boudoir Dress $58.00

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Silky nude lingerie-inspired slip dress with adjustable straps and flared hem. Can be worn underneath dresses or on its own.

Model is wearing small.
Styled By Feral Creature

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